Don't be sad or happy about the outcome.


Sometimes the results are good, sometimes they are sluggish.
Or when things don't go as expected as planned.

However, even if you are in such situations,
you can create an opportunity to turn the situation around with a little effort.

  1. Sort results into "good" and "bad"
  2. Explore the causes of each
  3. Reconfirm the final goal

1. Sort results into "good" and "bad"

Results are made up of several factors, so we identify each of these factors.

At this point, I recommend that you look back from the perspective of "What were the good points?"
It's a curious thing, that it is relatively easy to find out what is not good.

But, if you focus only on what went wrong,
you will ignore the strengths and look only at the weaknesses.

It will make you dissapointed.

2. Explore the causes of each

Next, why was it good? Why was it not good?
Let's dig deeper into each of these.

If you can evaluate them in a balanced way,
the psychological load should be eased.

It is important to turn the situation around so that you can think,
"It didn't go well, but there were some good things!"

3. Reconfirm the final goal

In addition, it's important not to lose sight of the goal.

Do not only look at the results that are in front of you now,
but rather to look at the end goal and ask.

"What do we do next?"

Don't stop at the present, don't forget to look ahead!


For example, let's say you couldn't reach your sales target for the month.

Sales = number of customers x cost per customer.

We will analize deeper to find out whether the reason is that the number of customers was low, or the unit price was low.

If the number of customers was lower than the previous month,
but the price per customer was higher than the previous month,
you should improve the number of customers.

However, the fact that the average spend per customer increased can be evaluated as a success.

This will reveal "success points" that could not be seen simply from the result of not achieving the sales target.


In this way, we recognize these balance success and failure, lead to the next action.

By repeating trial and error while keeping the final goal in mind.

Let's overcome the obstacles in front of us one by one.