Monitoring - Compass of Measures -


What is monitoring?

It means to measure and record certain indicators on a regular basis.

Especially, in you work, in order to achieve results and be evaluated,
we need to link actions to results and look back on them.

The PDCA cycle is a process that uses the results to decide what to do next.
Therefore, you should keep a record of what you did and how it turned out.

Points to keep in mind
  1. Determine the indicators
  2. Keep records
  3. Review improvement plans periodically

1. Determine the indicators

First, it is necessary to decide what to monitor.

For example, for a website, you decide on the number of incoming visitors, the direct return rate, the conversion rate, and other indicators to be monitored in accordance with the measures to be taken.

It is also advisable to use indicators that can be quantified, because they are easy to handle as data.

It is important to track numerically in order to compare, average, and grasp trends.

2. Keep records

If you don't keep records, you will not be able to notice some changes.
And you will not be able to analyze when the change occurred and why it occurred.
Therefore, it is difficult to know how to improve the situation.

I recommend that you record important indicators without omission.

3. Review improvement plans periodically

The purpose of monitoring is to examine improvement plans.
Therefore, it's also a good idea to determine the term of review.

The optimal span of this depends on the measures.
However, I think it's good to summarize at least on a monthly basis.


If you keep records, you can analyze the situation from all angles.
For example, you can compare yesterday with today, last week with this week, last month with this month etc.

You can consider the next improvement measures, by using the data accumulated daily in this way.

You should be able to look at the results objectively.
If the results are what you want, you will be happy, even if the results are not as expected, and you will be able to work positively to improve the next time!

Also, even if the results are not as expected, you will be able to work positively and try harder the next time.
This is good for your mental health.

In your marketing work, you plan a variety of measures.

I place importance on "when and how to measure the effectiveness" first.

How do we measure success?
I do not aim for "perfection" from the beginning.

For now, when I make a plan, I try it.

Monitor the results of the actions you take.

Analyze the monitored data.

Think about what to improve and take action again.


And continue.

As you continue, you will gradually improve.
The "optimal solution" will be found.

The PDCA cycle is a journey in search of the optimal solution.
Monitoring is a milestone in that journey.